Monday, June 28, 2010

Quick Dinner - Lazy Burger

If ever you find yourself too lazy to cook dinner (which is pretty often for me !) might want to give this a try. I call it the Lazy Burger. To make this you need to have the following :

1. Frozen Beef Burgers - 5 pieces
2. Bread (any kind will do)
3. Chilli Sauce
4. Onion (chopped)
5. Cucumber (as salad)

Here's what you do :

Part 1
* Shallow fry the beef burgers.
* Dice the cooked burgers
Set aside

Part 2
* Lightly fry the onions
* Add the diced burgers to the fried onion
* Drizzle with chilli sauce.
* Add salt and pepper to taste

Part 3
* If you're using pre-baked dinner rolls like I did, bake the dinner rolls whilst your frying the burgers.
* If you're using normal bread, once you've done Part 2, toast your bread of choice.

* Sunny side-up egg

Putting together your superquick dinner
* Spread the dinner roll or toasted bread with mayonaise and mustard.
* Generously top the dinner roll/toast with the diced beef burgers
* Serve with sunny side-up egg and cucumber.

* Easy and Delicious *

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