Friday, April 16, 2010

Big Cookie In a Bag

One Big Chocolate Chip Cookie
wrapped in clear cookie bag
sealed to ensure freshness and crispness
then packaged in delicate organza bag
and finally, lovingly tied with polka-dot ribbon

A Sweet Birthday Treat from 'ME' to you..

Thank you Sham@Me !

I hope your friends will like this gift of Brownies in a Tin..

* Me ordered 2 Medium Tins and a Small Tin.
* The cookies are complimentary.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Chocolate Cake

- Happy Birthday Azlil -

Moist Chocolate Cake
sandwiched with Chocolate Ganache
topped with Chocolate Spread, Whipped Cream and
scattered with Chocolate Shaving..


I dont have a fancy name for my, they are simply called 'Brownies In A Tin'

Yellow/Cupcake Design - (M)

Blue & White/Cupcake Design - (M)

Orange/Floral Design - (M)

Orange & Green/Floral Design - (S)

Tins with cupcake and floral design are also available in (L) size.

Comfort Food For Brunch..

Thanks Junaida..

Sugar is Sweet, So Are You !

Fondant decorated sugar cookie for special occassions or just because I love you...