Monday, November 29, 2010

Sweet Stuff

Dear Azura, sorry ! sorry ! :(
I forgot to slice the creamcheese bar for you !

I also take note of your preference for rounded mini brownies.

* Sorry I clingfilmed the boxes ! just wanted to
ensure freshness of the brownies and cheesebars :) *

Pictures posted earlier were the wrong ones. Hence its removal from this posting

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Cepat dan Enak (Quick and Delicious) !

It's Saturday..and my Tuan Syed says he wants

Baked Chicken Macaroni and Creamy Chicken Pie for dinner..
(overload of carbo ! I tell ya ! :))


Due to..ermmm...laziness..yang amat sangat..;)
I baked the pie in a 9" pie dish !

Kinda a bit too much for just the 2 of
it will be served for breakfast along with a cup of Milo !

The chicken-mac was baked just till lightly golden brown..all goey with its cheese was definately a comfort-in front of the telly dinner-lazy Saturday kind of food..

Sent an extra dish over to my sister's house too
 for the kiddies to feast on after their footie practice.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Sharing is Caring :)

I'm no expert at cake decorating. My skills are currently limited to simple swirls and flowers and little owls and bunny rabbits...well you know..yang senang-senang only...hehe. But whatever knowledge I have..I tak kedekut..and that effect..I volunteered to show some of my female officemates how to prepare simple buttercream icing and some basic piping techniques..

'Teacher' did this ! :)

by Diana

by Aziah

by Yus

Lynn did that one in the middle
and the cupcake on the left was by Faridah

White and favourite colour !

We had fun decorating the cuppies that Aziah brought.
These are cupcakes made and decorated with love and full of laughter !

Pot Luck Friday

Ever so often we have a pot-luck breakfast at the office.
And today is a pot-luck breakfast day !
Simple food made by a group of enthusiatic cooks
to be shared amongst close friends and colleagues.

Shepherd's Pie by Puan Faridah

Coleslaw by Puan Azlia

Jelly by Puan Diana

Chocolate Oat Cake by Puan Yusmaliza

I brought Fried Chicken Wings and Drummets

Moist Chocolate Cake by Puan Aziah

Thanks to everyone who contributed..we should do this more often ! :)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

No Frills Goodness

* Back to Basics *
Buttery Vanilla Cake
Yummylicious Chocolate Fudge
 Cupcake size : 1.8" (Base) x 2.5" (Diameter)


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Family and Friends Makan-Makan..

For Syed Zul & Nur Jannah's (Abang & Kak Long's)
post Hari Raya Haji makan-makan.

* Beef Lasagnes & Creamy Shepherd's Pie *

Graduation Day

Graduation day mini cupcakes for the children of
Amazing Kids..

A Princess's Birthday..

Little vanilla/lemon scented cakes
with swirls done in white and pink..

by request from Nazlin..

Brownies for you..and me..

For a sweet young lady by the name of Yana Ismee..

Happy Birthday Ashlee !

Milk Chocolate Brownies
Topped with Chocolate Ganache

From mum, Azura..for her daughter Ashlee's 8th birthday..

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Mix-Up !

Mini Bites Creamy Chicken Pie

Mini Brownies

New Convenient Packaging

Finger Sandwiches
* Creamy Egg Mayo with Sweet Relish & Capers *
* Creamcheese with Dill and Bell Peppers *

Mini Creamcheese Bars with Melted Toffee

There's a funny mix-up story behind the order above !

Fara Eliza FDM...thank youuuuu !

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Chewy Blondies

* NEW *

 Chewy white brownie dough packed
with chocolate melts
& toffee bits

Monday, November 8, 2010