Thursday, October 29, 2009

Teach me..and I will LEARN.

I love puddings ! By puddings I mean sweet soft melts-in-your-mouth kind of dessert. Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry..any flavour..with or without fruit..drenched with toffee sauce..covered with creamy custard...any type of pudding..I will eat ! Despite the fact that I have been making trifles, caramel pudding, tiramisu, apple crumble and bread&butter pudding for quite sometime..I thought it would do me some good to attend the English Puddings cooking class conducted by Puan Rohani Jelani and I was sooooo right ! Did you know that the 'real' English Trifle does not contain any jello at all ? Did you know that you're supposed to bake Apple Crumble on high heat to ensure that the apples get thoroughly cooked so that when you bite into it its all soft and squishy and not crunchy ? Did you know that poached pears with gingerbread cake is absolutely yummylicious ? Did you know that you MUST use stale bread to make the best Bread&Butter pudding ? Did you know that the 'real' Custard Sauce IS NOT made with custard powder ? Did you know that if you made Sticky Date Pudding in mini loaf pans and serve it with warm toffee sauce it tastes absolutely to-die-for ? Did you know that you can never ever stop learning ? Did you know that you should never be stingy with your knowledge ? Did you know that sharing is caring ? Did you know that if you teach me...I will learn and that if you ask me....I will share...

Monday, October 26, 2009

My Humble Abode...

Every morning..when I wake up I am greeted by the sounds of a little black and yellow bird chirping away outside my bedroom window and every night I fall asleep to the sounds of crickets cricketing, frogs croaking, dogs barking, cats mewing..When I first moved to my 'not quite on the map house', I used to be so upset with people passing remarks like 'Eeee..I rasa I tak bolehlah duduk dalam hutan' and 'OMG, jauhnya from civilisation..' First and foremost, my house is not in the jungle..and as for civilisation..the nearest McDonalds is 5 minutes drive ! Just because my house isn't situated in some upscale overly priced area does not mean its worthless..just because it was not designed by some fancy schmancy architect does not mean its not its own way, it has its own appeal, its own house is only 6 minutes away from my, I never ever have to worry about getting stuck in the jam ! my house is only 10 minutes from the Sg. Buloh getting to anywhere and everywhere is not exactly what if it is surrounded by kampung environment ? so what if the nearest supermarket is not Cold Storage ? Its my house and I love it ! (I'm not being bitter, I'm just upset with a certain someone who said 'Oklah jugak duduk rumah kat sini..' with a little uppity snobbish curl to her mouth..

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

After Raya Biscuits..

A short note : I would like to say thank you to Intan Shaliza, Randeep and Ustazah for their after Raya cookies order..

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Time to bake again !

Its time to start baking again ! A week's rest for Hari Raya is more than enough. It is also time to work-off all the calories consumed during Hari Raya (gosh ! is it really possible ?)..So, if any of you need more cookies, know where to find me ! Till next time..take care y'alls !