Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Family & Friends : Intan Erani - 18.09.2010

This order was particularly one of a kind. In that..because I had to leave for Penang on the 17th..I had to deliver this order before its intended consumption date. Intan was gracious enough to agree to take delivery a day earlier. I pre-baked everything early morning of the 17th and delivered it to Intan's mom's house. Then sms'ed Intan specific instructions on the re-heating process. Then I left for Penang..praying hard that all will be ok when she serves the food to her guests..
Her order was :



Baked Chicken Pasta

Shepherd's Pie

Birthday Brownies : Little Hakim - 24.09.2010

Plain brownies topped with Peanut M&Ms

Chocolate Chip Brownies with Chocolate Ganache

Birthday Makan - 20.09.2010

Creamy Mac-n-Cheese

Chicken Pot Roast
Assorted Fruits

Decadent Belgian Ice-Cream Cake from Haagen Daazs

Happy Birthday, Alona !

Celebrating Love - A Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot + Birthday + Baby Shower Picnic

For Soraya Ghazali's 27th Birthday, Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot
and her friend's baby shower..

Mini Lasagnes

Mini Chicken Pies

Mini Shepherd's Pies

Creamcheese Brownies

Lemon-Orange Creamcheese Butter Cake

Spaghetti with Beef Bacon & Prawns in Fresh & Sundried Tomatoes Dressing
Pan Fried Oven Baked Chicken

A picnic basket for Soraya and her fiancee
and her closest friends.
A celebration of love and friendship.

Thank you..

Note : There was Potato Salad and Coleslaw too.. :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Iftar Brownies

Sprinkled with Icing Sugar
Dotted with Chocolate Chips

thank you, Nazlin @ DearAzalea

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Paperbags & Cookies

These went out as both corporate & personal Hari Raya gifts.

Cookie Take-Home Box
2 jars of cookies
Brown Kraft PaperBag with LT Label
Gift Tag 

Simple Gifts

- for RSSB -

Rattan Basket
Cookies in Glass Jar x 2
Ribbons and Flowers

Raya Gifts

- for Doux Visage -

Each hamper :

Homemade Cookies in Glass Cookie Jar x 2
Assorted Peanuts in Glass Cookie Jar x 1
Weaved Basket decorated with ribbons and flowers x 1

In between the cookies..

Birthday brownies for little Ahdea Sufea
Buka Puasa brownies for Kak Yani and her nieces