Monday, June 14, 2010

Chilled Cheesecake with Cadbury Choc Topping

Baked or Chilled ?
When it comes to cheesecakes I prefer mine chilled rather than baked.
It is essentially easier to make and does not possess that dense creamy texture that you get from a baked cheesecake. Having said that, I would definately not turn away a slice of baked cheesecake if one is placed in front of me ! :) In the is all preference.

The one in the picture has Crushed Oreos as its base, Luscious CreamCheese+SourCream+Melted White Chocolate as its body and Decadent Melted Cadbury Chocolate as its topping. The recipe for this cheesecake is as such that it produces a cheesecake that is absolutely light in texture and virtually melts in the mouth.

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