Sunday, October 31, 2010

Jaja and Lasagne :)

2 medium lasagnes for my niece Syaza @ Jaja and her uni friends.

Lasagnes packed and ready for its journey to UTP, Perak

Jaja, study hard, be good and take care ! *hugs*

Saturday, October 30, 2010

IZZ is TWO..

Little Izz is now 2 years old !
For his birthday..

his Mommy baked him a yummy cheesecake, and

his MakDa made her decadent brownies, and

his WanYong (that's me !) put on at least 3 kgs from all that sinfully delicious food !

Thanks Yeop and Linda...and that guy who marinated the bbq stuff ! hehe

Learn and Practice

At a recent class conducted by Puan Rohani Jelani , we were taught how to use and how fresh herbs (such as tarragon, oregano, thyme etc..) can make our pasta/chicken/lamb dish taste absolutely fantastic.

So, today I made :

1. Fresh Tomato Pasta with Oregano, and
2. Tarragon Chicken with Creamy Sauce

Go on...indulge !

For Zara..
* Creamy Chilled Cheesecake with Nestum Base *

For Azura..
* Creamcheese Bars with Chocolate Buttons and Melted Toffee *

On a cold Saturday morning..

* NEW *

* Gooey ChocChip Bar *
Chocolate cookie dough packed with soft chocolate chips
and topped with glossy chocolate ganache.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Hirzi's Fab Mommy !

For my dear friend Mrs. Hilmi !

Baked Mascarpone Cheesecake with Melted Cadbury

Creamcheese Bar with Melted Toffee and Chocolate Chips

Mini Chicken Pie
Creamy Chicken Filling with Buttery Shortcrust Pastry

Mini Shepherd's Pie
Yummy Mincemeat Topped with Luscious Feathery Mashed Potato

Monday, October 18, 2010

Baby Shower Cookies

For Alin of DearAzalea
(sugar cookies with turquoise fondant + white royal icing + 100s-n-1000s)


(sugar cookies with bluish-green and baby pink fondant,
matching royal icing, pink sugar pearls and complimentary ribbons)

Banana & ChocChip Babycakes for Breakfast

It was early Saturday. I peered into my fridge and saw a lonely, ripe banana.
I ran my thumb through my trusted recipe book and found an easy no-fuss recipe .
So, out came the canola oil, the lemon juice, the self-raising flour, eggs and chocolate chips. 20 minutes later..tadaaaaaaa !
I had hot, scrumptious Banana Babycakes for breakfast.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Breakfast and Tea at Azlin's..

My nephews and niece stayed with me over the weekend. On Saturday I gave them Maggi Mee for breakfast..I know, I know..I'm the *best* aunty ever ! :) So to make up for the lack of nutrition of Saturday's breakfast..for Sunday's breakfast..I baked them some bolognaise pasta..

Oodles of creamy bolognaise-pasta goodness for breakfast.. 


Luscious..straight to the love-handles..Bread-n-Butter Pudding !

Simple Sunday Tea - Pasta, Pie & Trifle

For Kak Shidah's Sunday Tea

Shepherd's Pie

Baked Pasta
(Macaroni in Meat Sauce)

* I forgot to take a picture of the Trifle ! :)

Creamcheese Bars with Easy Chocolate Melts

A slight twist to the original Creamcheese Bars..

Creamcheese Bar(s) with Melted Toffee - Original

Creamcheese Bars with Easy Chocolate Melts and Melted Toffee - NEW !

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hari Raya Eatz @ G.I.S Mont Kiara

Shepherd's Pie
crunchy cheddary top
luscious creamy potatoes
tasty mince meat

 Thanks to Ritz @ G.I.S

Makan-Makan Hari Raya - BPMB

Creamy Baby Shepherd's Pie
Baby Lasagnes

Assorted Puff Pastries
(Creamy Tuna Mayo + Sweet Spicy Sardine)

Sneak Peek ! :)