Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Saturday : 02.10.2010 = Pastry Gone Wrong Day !

The morning started out well. Made mini lasagnes for Azura, Brownies for Mazlin, Nazlin and Azura, Creamcheese Bars for Chee Ah, Cadbury BiteSize Cakes for Nazlin and the boys of Azrin & Firuz...then..came the Mini Chicken Pies..*sigh* Pastry Disaster ! It was just the wrong, wrong pastry day for me ! 1st : Burnt the pies tops..2nd : Pies didn't want to come out of their casings 3rd : Miscalculated the number of pies..It was a rather upsetting day for me..to add to the misery..I forgot to take pictures of all the stuff I made/baked except for these few..

For the boys of Azrin & Firuz

For Nazlin of DearAzalea

For Chee Ah & Hirzi

Photos that I forgot to take were of the Mini Lasagnes and Mini Brownies...
of coz..I..PURPOSELY did not take photos of the Mini Chicken Pies ! :(

To Mazlin and Chee Ah..I thank you for your kind understanding..

Next time
(hopefully there will be one..or two or more)..
I will try not to 'hangus'kan your chicken pies ! :)

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