Monday, October 11, 2010

Breakfast and Tea at Azlin's..

My nephews and niece stayed with me over the weekend. On Saturday I gave them Maggi Mee for breakfast..I know, I know..I'm the *best* aunty ever ! :) So to make up for the lack of nutrition of Saturday's breakfast..for Sunday's breakfast..I baked them some bolognaise pasta..

Oodles of creamy bolognaise-pasta goodness for breakfast.. 


Luscious..straight to the love-handles..Bread-n-Butter Pudding !


R&R Family in Germany said...

Lin....aiyoooo.....the food looks so sedap. Don't go saying alahhhh...kak Yong pun boleh buat. Yer la, sikit2x boleh la but yours semuanya perfect, moist with just the right texture. Your new addition tu sungguh menggamit rasa. Got toffee some more on drooling already!

- azlin - said... is true that memang you boleh buat ! antara ada time dengan tidak for me..on a good day everything will turn out well..on a bad day, yikes..not so good ! hehe..

Wiz said...

That's why they call it the love handles, you've got to handle em with love hahahhaha. Maggie? my kids love me the most when I serve them that. I would be the mother of the year in their eyes with just a plate of maggie. And I love being the mother of the year.

- azlin - said...

Ija, I must agree with you on the Maggi thingy ! When I asked them what they nak for breakfast all 3 said 'scrambled eggs and roti'..malangnya roti dah nak dijadikan pudding ! so..I said 'how about maggi mee ?' and they went 'nak ! nak ! ok ! ok !'..and so..for that moment in time..I was the bestest aunty EVER IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD !..that is until I started yelling coz they semakkan the table masa breakfast ! hehehe