Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dinner for 1..

Tonight's dinner..
Scrambled Eggs with Caramalised Onions
and Cheesy Sausage Bits

2 eggs
3 tbsp milk
4 chicken cocktails
1 medium-sized onion
salt & pepper

Prep Work
Boil sausages, drain, slice thin'ish
Break eggs into a bowl + add milk
Lightly beat eggs and milk
Slice onion thinly

Making Dinner
Heat pan and coat thinly with oil
Fry onions till soft and golden around the edges
Add the beaten egg, scramble gently
Add sliced sausages
Cook until eggs are dry..but not too dry.

* tumble everything onto a large plate, grab a glass of orange juice
and plant yourself in front of the telly to watch Law & Order *

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