Thursday, November 10, 2011

A can of sardines..

For yet another night when you're feeling somewhat less than
enthusiastic about cooking but would still like to have something
delicious and quick to prepare for dinner..give this a try..

A small can of sardines
6 slices of white bread
2 eggs (lightly beaten)
Some chopped onions & garlic
Some chopped red chillies
Salt & Pepper

Step 1 
Prepare the Sardine Filling
Open the can of sardines,
separate sardines from the tomato sauce
Lightly fry onions & garlic till golden brown
Add the chopped chillies
Add the sardines, gently break it into small pieces
Add abt 1 tbsp of the tomato sauce
Fry sardines for about 5-6 mins
Season till just right
Fry for another 4-5 mins

Step 2 
Assemble the Mini Sardine French Toast
Butter 2 pieces of white bread
Fill it with the sardine filling
Slice into 4 triangles
Dip into the beaten egg
Fry in a hot pan until golden brown on both sides

* arrange triangles on a pretty little plate *
Simple & Delicious


Wiz said...

You are so gonna make makyong and azam run for their lives the miment you crack the sardine tin opened kak Lin. I eat sardines only when azam is away on a course for two weeks at least. If not dia akan detect bau. Makyong plak baru ckp sardine jer dia dh dapat bau, like?!@?!?!?

- azlin - said...

Aiyor !! My house memang have ready stock of sardines coz Mon loves them 'like a love sing, baby' ! French Toast Sardine, Curry Sardine, Sardine Puff, Sardine with Chilli Padi etc..

Mrs & Miss Vanilla said...

Salam Azlin.

Been following ur blog for sometime now n u never fail to trigger the hunger button in me..... :)

This particular can, never let me down... I always make it into asam pedas sardin as my kids love it this way... sbb kalau esok x habis pun boleh cicah dgn roti...

- azlin - said...

Salam Miss Vanilla..
Asam pedas sardin ! woohooo ! my Tuan Syed sure he is a great lover of asam pedas..the johorian kind. Ni kena try !

- azlin - said...

* like a love SONG ! hehe

Mrs & Miss Vanilla said...

Tu la pasal, there's a whole pack of Johorian in the hse,me n the kids... semua hantu asam pedas... mkn dgn roti canai pun sedap tau...perrrghh terangkat, plate lickin' good LOL