Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A RedVelvet Cupcake A Day..Keeps the...

[Borrowed Pic]

On Monday..I made 32 RV cupcakes !
Who ordered you ask ? No one !
It was for me...*blushing with guilt*
Since there's only just me to eat them all,
I gave away 16 pcs to my next door neighbour's son.
Left with 16 more..I had 3 after buka puasa that day..
2 after buka puasa yesterday..and
I'm guessing another 2 after buka puasa today..
The balance ? I still have Thursday & Friday..
Must finish by Friday..for I will be baking more on Saturday ! :)


Wiz said...

Kak Lin, you do have nephews and niece and sis and bro in law and MON to share with y'know.

I really do not know my stand with RV. If it is not for the cheese frosting and the red kaler, the cake would not be so special.

it lagi sedap you must letak pecans. It makes a whole world of difference.

- azlin - said...

Ija, wellllll...I kinda forgot abt orang lain ! Hehe..

I think I know what you mean about RVs..but I love baking them for they turn out looking all pretty against my white cupcake liners..I don't even put that much cheese frosting on them..just enuf to give the cuppies that luscious creamy taste..

Truthfully I still favour basic honest-to-goodness cakes like Marble Cake, Lemon Buttercake and CikNor's ChocCake..(I think saya nak buat yg tu lah tmr !) Hehe..