Saturday, August 6, 2011

Counting Pies - a BNM entry

Alhamdullillah..for we've almost completed the 1st week of Ramadhan.
 My first Friday of Ramadhan was filled with Mini Shepherd's Pies & Mini Lasagnes.
I had trays and trays of minis going in and out of my little oven
from Sahur time till about 2.00 pm.

The minis went out to..

Shafnieda, Kak Nish, Kemal, Azzril, Muizz, Amilin
Kak Rahimah, Aida Kusumawati, Amri, Suhana Ali,
Danial, Anis, Dayana, Een, Harizal, Syaheen,
Harun, Juhana, Hafiz, Nazri, Huda,
Razlina, Intan Shafinaz, Kak Norliah

Thank you !

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