Monday, February 28, 2011

Picnics, Lasagne and Bread Weekend !

On Saturday...

My sister says 'Yong, jomlah ikut we all pegi picnic @ Janda Baik'
At first, I said 'Picnic ? Eeee..panaslah !'
Then she says ' ok'
I relented and said 'oklah..nanti I will pack some picnic food'

And so we had..
assorted sandwiches, chicken nuggets,
meehoon, cucur udang,
mini brownies & carrot cake
and chilled canned drinks..and nasi lemak !

But before the picnic..

a lasagne for Intan's BFF..
Thanks Intan !
(I hope you enjoyed the carrot cake)

 On Sunday..

I attended a Bread Class conducted by The Cooking House

where I made..
Sourdough Bread, Triple Chocolate Bread 

Rye Bread (filled with Sundried Tomatoes & Herbs)
Brown Rice Bread

SEMUA sangat delicious and soft and healthy ! 


Wiz said...

Yong tak ikut skali gi Picnic kat Sweeden nanti ker? sejuk and nyaman, tak panas? lol!

Lucky Mon, nanti hari2 makan homebaked bread!

- azlin - said...

Hahahaha ! No Sweden for me ! Sampai Janda Baik only...

Hari-hari ? errrr...I'm thinking..NOT ! hehe..