Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday Cooks

At my parents house we love Wantan Mee and Fried Loh Shi Fun ! Wantan Mee is a must everyday for buka puasa during the month of Ramadhan and Fried Loh Shi Fun is a frequent favourite for breakfast at my house during the weekends.

Tonight, instead of the usual western fare we decided to go for something local. And was Wantan Mee prepared with fried shallots and garlic in a gravy of oyster sauce & light soy sauce and sweet soy sauce..the result ? HABISSSSS ! :) other than the Wantan Mee, I also made Fried Loh Shi Fun which was put together by frying shallots and garlic till golden brown then a quick cook of juicy was finished with a touch of dark soysauce and some chilli padi for that zing !!! verdict ? also HABISSS ! (yayyyy !!)



These are the BEFORE pictures.
Visualise them all luscious and yummy
with big juicy prawns,
 chicken pieces, tasty gravy,
 delicious fried shallots
& golden garlic pieces.

Hungry ? :)


Wiz said...

No. Angry!

- azlin - said...

Whylah amgryyyyyyy ? :)

Wiz said...

Coz I was hungry when I saw those noodles and it was 2.30am or so and so takut to go down and fix myself a packet of maggie.