Friday, September 28, 2012

TomYUMMMM Spaghetti !

Courtesy of Google

Inspired from my recent trip to Phuket
and coz there's been a special request for it..
I conducted a little experiment in my kitchen tonight
and produced..Luscious Treats first ever..
Not one to meddle too much with the authentic
flavours of a traditional tomato ragu,
I merely enhanced it with some good tomyam paste,
added fresh local herbs, chopped tomatoes, colourful capsicums
and some juicy juicy prawns..
It is not only super easy to prepare, it is also oh-so-delicious !
For those looking for a little 'heat' in their spaghetti dish..this is definately for you.
It is a versatile dish. Making it an excellent party food.
Served hot it makes an elegant main course..
Serve it cold, it is an awesome pasta salad.

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