Sunday, October 16, 2011

What a weekend !

My life revolves around me being in the kitchen either cooking or baking or both. So when something goes seriously wrong with the electricity  supply to my kitchen, I go absolutely craaaazyyyyyyy ! and that's exactly what happened over this weekend...*sigh* it was the 'kejap ada, kejap tak ada' game..I must have called TNB at least 1000x ! In the end..much to my dismay and a substantial dent to my account..the entire electrical cabling had to be changed !! so..for an entire Saturday..I was in the dark..literally..coz there was no electricity at the house. All orders had to be prepped & refrigerated at my sister's house (thank god that her house is just across the road ! hehe). Alhamdulillah, by 5.00 pm Saturday evening..everything was back to normal.

In the midst of the chaos, I managed to whip-up some personal favourites for two Intans :

Intan Erani

Beef Lasagne & Shepherd's Pie

Intan Juwita

Shepherd's Pie
Aglio Olio with Beef Breakfast Bits & Prawns

Creamy Chicken Sandwiches


Wiz said...

what happened? You had to replace the whole cable thingy, waaa tu dah kerja raja tu. Hope no more of these blackouts dah. Sgt tensi kan especially bila ada order to bake.

- azlin - said...

Kena tukar cabling yang dari meter TNB ke dalam rumah !! major works ok..rumah dah dusty mcm baru pindah ! drilling and hacking you name first the blackout 1 phase, after that 2 the end I was left with electricity for 1 phase that only covered my room ! yang lain gulap-gulita !! stress-stress ! Nasib baik adik duduk across the road..hehe

Juwita said...

Thank you for going through all that trouble.. everyone enjoyed the yummylicious food tremendously :)

- azlin - said...

Juwita, yang paling important is that your little girl enjoyed her sandwiches ! :) Thanks again !

Juwita said...

she didnt just enjoy it... she relished every bite! always going to the fridge for more :D