Sunday, July 3, 2011

Chilling @ Langat Kebun House

Sunday morning...the car is packed with foodstuff..and although its raining buckets we were all enthusiastic to spend the day at our kebun (orchard) house in Hulu has been quite sometime since we were all there. Here are some pictures..


Treats by Luscious Treats
Lemon Tart
Moist Choc Cake
Tomato Chicken Pot Pie

My newest nephew, Aliy E. with his Onyang


Happy people eating !


More food ! and fruits..
We had the works today..Nasi Lemak, Mama's Mee Bandung, Chicken Wings,
Baked Spirals, Nuggets, Mashed Potatoes, Grilled Fish, Kuah Durian,
Steamed Caramel Puddings, Burgers & Hotdogs and moreeeee.. :)

Haziq and his best buds..

'Twas a good and fun day..lotsa good food..lotsa laughter..lotsa good company..
Till the next time...

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