Saturday, January 22, 2011

Celebrating the RABBIT

This was for the CNY dinner for the staff of Juteras Sdn. Bhd.

Chinese Take-out box with homemade ChocChip Cookies

Yummy not-so-spicy sardine cocooned in light puff pastry
Personalised sugar cookies for party favors

Custard goodness in delicious choux pastry
Who can resist a back-to-basics Sausage Roll ?

Forever there will be room for a cupcake :)

more cupcakes...but don't forget
the decadent Steamed Brownie Cheesecake

and the Creamcheese Bars
and the ever-so-delicious Fruit Tartlets..

and the gorgeous styling by DearAzalea..

Here's to a prosperous Year of the Rabbit.
Thank you Juteras and DearAzalea

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