Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bento Birthday - Hirzi's Skytrex Birthday Bash

My first Bento Box Birthday project.

Thank you to Cheeah and her son, Hirzi.

I hope you it was what you visualised it to be.

The venue : SKYTREX, Shah Alam

What is BENTO ? 
A box made of plastic or wood divided into compartments in which to contain separate dishes/food.

Each bento box had
Luscious Treats ChocChip Cookies,
Strawberry Jello, Mini Sausages
and Bolognaise Pasta.

I had help from the sisters of DearAzalea. As they were commissioned to do the party favors, candy buffet etc..I got them to print me some labels for Hirzi's bento box. That way everything at the party matched !

Hirzi's mommy also ordered some mini chicken pies ! :)

Cheeah...I can't thank you enough...


Mrs Hilmi said...

Dear Azlin
I should be the one thanking you for an awesome presentation of the bento box complete with stickers and all.
Your help which at first was merely as a fabulous food provider cum extended family in ensuring that the party prep is ready on time, had made me choked with tears.
The food for the kiddos were superb, cookies had everyone talking about it and it has made Hirzi's party looked a million buck.
Not only that, Hirzi wants more of everything...How Laaaa????
You are definitely on a right path to a great business venture, dear.
I've found a true gem both as a friend and fantastic in taste, chic party food supplier.

Wiz said...

Congratulations Kak Lin!

- azlin - said...

Dear Cheeah, you are too kind..I am so humbled..

Ija, thanks...