Saturday, February 20, 2010

A little tea-party..

Thank you Kak Shida.

For her little tea-party recently, she ordered Shepherd's Pie, Mini Chicken Pie, English Trifle, Beef Rissole, Vegetarian SpringRoll and Fried Spiral Pasta. All for a party of 10.


Wiz said...

Where's your signature dish lasagna? Rugi rugi.

Shamrislah said...


Sis, mcm mn nk order ye?nmpk mknn tu semua rasa lps pernah order ngan kak wiz sblm ni.klau nk order melalui dia boleh ke?


wiz said...

Kak Lin, Me is my best customer, sweet girl. Hope you could whip up the best for her.

- azlin - said...

Ija : Insya'allah..I will try my very best.

Shamrislah : Email me at whenever you wanna order. I usually require at least 3-4 days notice. Especially if its gonna be a small catering event. That way we'd have enough time to decide on a suitable menu.

- azlin - said...

Ija : For this particular tea-party the lady didnt order my lasagne..she ordered Shepherd's Pie instead. Saya lupa nak take a pic..thats why its not in the collage..hehe

Shamrislah said...

Kak Wiz - tq.u r so sweet too.xoxo

Kak Lin, tqvm. :)