Thursday, April 2, 2009

My 1st Miniature Cakes...

I love looking at pretty baby cakes. After going through and reading the book on 'baby cakes' by Julie Le Clerc, I was truly inspired. Having said that, I must admit that sometimes my inability to 'think out of the box' dampens my attempt to be creative. At the recent Miniature Cakes class held at CakeConnection Sdn.Bhd., I tried my hand at making miniature cakes using fondant as its decorating substance. As I listened to the instructor, Lynette..I started to have 2nd thoughts about the class as it was beginning to sound rather daunting for a 1st timer like me. But I went ahead with the class anyway...and managed to produce the above ! Nevermind that it took me 3 hours to complete two teeny weeny cakes but I was supersatisfied that I actually did it ! Would I attempt these baby cakes again ? Most definately ! although for the meantime it is likely that the designs would be very straightforward and simple...meanwhile, I shall continue to better myself !

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